Important to You

Important to You

Eight years ago, Bioscience Medical, a company of the Swiss holding company Bioscience Group, established itself in the world market for premium implants and prostheses. High quality products are designed and produced using advanced technology and exquisite design. The commitment to the patient’s health is visible through the reliability of raw materials developed in Switzerland and which differ in their physical and chemical characteristics.

The binomial quality and price is the basis for the development of Bioscience Medical, once extremely well managed costs, reflect these benefits. Bioscience Medical represents the products of Biomecanica Brazil in the world market.

Bioscience Medical is located in the village of Rossemaison, which is part of the Delémont district, capital of the Swiss canton of Jura, 80 km from Bern and 15 km from the Swiss-French border. Due to its strategic position, it has the perfect logistics to serve all of Europe. Rossemaison has an important industrial park, privileged by an unbureaucratic system with low fees and taxes.

Switzerland has the largest Medtech in the world, that is, the great discoveries and innovations of medicine have guaranteed space in universities and research centers.

Each product segment designed by Bioscience Medical for the Stars line aims to improve the physician’s experience in the surgical field, prioritizing the patient’s satisfactory postoperative period. Swiss development, raw materials and manufacturing give the products unrivaled precision and quality.

Who We Are

Mr. José Roberto Pengo


Founder of Biomecanica and one of the founders of Bioscience, he is a Mechanical Engineer from UNESP in Bauru-SP with a specialization in Bioengineering. With more than 37 years of experience in Orthopedics, for more than 30 years he has been director of ABIMO (Brazilian Association of Medical, Dental, Hospital and Laboratory Articles and Equipment).

Ricardo Brito


With experience in multinationals such as Alcoa, Shell and Telefonica, he worked in the main group medicine companies in Brazil. With specializations from FGV in Business Management and Marketing of Services and an MBA in Business Administration and Management, he has been CMO at Biomecanica and Grupo Bioscience since 2012.

Ana Carolina Pengo da Cunha Brito


Graduated in Architecture from UNESP in Bauru, with specialization in buildings focused on the health area, postgraduate in Business Administration and MBA in Business Management from FGV and International Board Member formation (Lausanne EPFL University, Lausanne, Switzerland). at Bioscience Medical since 2012 and Executive Director at Biomecanica since 2009.